Jon Metzger's compositions for percussion are published by C. Alan Publications

Batterie Diabolique - Percussion Ensemble (7-9 players)
Black Elk - Percussion Ensemble (11 players)
Zoroastrian Thunder - Jazz Quintet with Percussion Ensemble (6 players)
Jazz Bis - Vibraphone Feature with Percussion Ensemble (6 players)
On Verchiel's Wings - Vibraphone with Percussion Trio
The Absence of Color - Narrator with Percussion Quartet
Moral Compass - Soprano (voice), Alto Saxophone, Percussion Trio

Double East - Two-Mallet Marimba Solo
Five Easy Two Mallet Pieces for Marimba - Marimba Solo
Spiral Passages - Marimba Solo
Imageries - Solo Vibraphone
Five Pieces for Vibraphone - Solo Vibraphone
Riversong - Solo Vibraphone
Riversong - Solo Piano Version
Did You Say We're Done - Solo Vibraphone
Which Way Loose from Here - Solo Vibraphone
Water Catcher - Solo Piano
Terra Firma - Solo Piano

Elephant Walk - Vibraphone and Marimba Duet
Four Flights - Flute and Percussion Duet
Five Pieces for Timpani - Timpani Solo

Stories- Baritone Voice, Piano, and Percussion Quartet.