The Art and Language of Jazz Vibes

The Art and Language of Jazz Vibes, Second Edition is off the presses now! New additions to the book are the new 52-track play-along CD, an expanded discography, and more information on improvisition.

For improvisation classes, B-flat, E-flat, and bass clef transpositions are available for free download! Contact Jon Metzger for information.

The new edition of the book is available and shipping now.

If you already own the first edition and are not interested in the updated discography, you can purchase the play-along CD separately--but only through this website.

The play-along CD is available NOW for $8.00 postpaid. To order a copy of the play-along CD, contact Jon Metzger through this website.

Parts for The Art and Language of Jazz Vibes transposed for Bb, Eb, and bass clef instruments are now available for download. Contact me for the password and downloading instructions.

Here is what the pros are saying about

“A tremendous achievement. This is a much needed book, and I feel it will rapidly become a ‘classic’." Massie Johnson, Director, Percussion Studies, NC School of the Arts (retired)

“The most comprehensive, authoritative text available for the study of jazz vibes. Using it has helped refresh my knowledge and increase my performance ability. I only wish this text had been available when I was in school!" Neil Grover, Boston Pops, Boston Symphony

“I know it will be an important book for years to come. I especially enjoyed the text for its detailed information as well as down to earth approach." Ed Saindon, Jazz Vibist, Principal Vibes Instructor, Berklee College of Music

“This is a must buy for every vibist! The Art and Language of Jazz Vibes is an excellent instructional book." Lisa Rogers, Percussive Notes (The Journal of the Percussive Arts Society)

“A comprehensive 366-page course in everything the jazz vibist will encounter, including valuable information on the physical aspects of playing the instrument, articulation, blues, altered chords, reharmonization, two- and four-mallet exercises, remembering tunes, solo transcriptions, and much, much more." Jamey Aebersold, Jazz Educator

“The standard in the industry." Sandy Nelson, Jazz Education Journal (The Journal of the International Association of Jazz Educators)

“Good vibes...he’s written the book on the topic...the definitive yet user-friendly text." Richard Harrington, Washington Post

“This is an extremely well-organized approach filled with useful tips, valuable knowledge and sound suggestions. It gives the aspiring jazz vibist all the necessary information to penetrate the mysteries surrounding the art of improvisation." Ron Elliston, Jazz Pianist, Associate Professor of Music, University of Maryland

“This is great!...very thorough and well-organized...a compendium of common sense for musicians." Eric Nemeyer, Jazz Improv Magazine

“Clear, concise and packed with information only available from an experienced player and pedagogue. Metzger’s book takes the fear out of improvisation. The only source a vibes player (or any jazz musician) needs." Cort McClaren, Chair, Instrumental Studies Division, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

“Finally, a complete and well-written method for jazz vibes. The book is a pleasure to teach with. Well done!" Rick Dior, Charlotte Symphony Orchestra

“Wow! What a book. I learned a lot of things in just a few pages." James Catalano, Percussion Marketing Manager, Ludwig Industries

Into the Light

Into The Light

Jon Metzger - Vibes
Fred Hersch - Piano
Harvy Swartz - Bass
Tony Martucci - Drums

1. Into The Light
2. Bossa Linda
3. Nancy
4. Via Via
5. Afterthought
6. Windy Hill Song
7. Walls

Common Ground

Common Ground

Jon Metzger - Vibes/Marimba
Phil Markowitz - Piano
Jack Wilkins - Saxophone
Carroll Dashiell - Bass
Allison Miller - Drums

1. Catnip
2. Tuscan Hills
3. 5AM Stroll
4. Peace Prayer
5. Marakesh Morning
6. Cape Waltz
7. Ode
8. Open Face Samba

Zorastrian Thunder-Suite for Jazz Quartet and Percussion Ensemble
9. I. Sage Departed
10. II. Future Tense
11. III. Shadowy Way

Times Fly

Times Fly

Jon Metzger - Vibes
Greg Gelb - Clarinet
Ed Paolantonio - Piano
Don Gladstone - Bass
John Hanks - Drums

1. Air Mail Special
2. Lullaby of the Leaves
3. Slipped Disc
4. Everybody's Somebody's Fool
5. Jersey Bounce
6. After You've Gone
7. Bernie's Tune
8. Midnight Sun
9. Seven Come Eleven
10. I'm Confessin'
11. Avalon
12. Goodbye
13. AC-DC Current

Teach Me Tonight

Teach Me Tonight

Jon Metzger - Vibes/Marimba
Keith Waters - Piano
James King - Bass
Tony Martucci - Drums/Percussion

Jon Metzger - Vibes and Marimba
Keith Waters - Piano
James King - Bass
Tony Martucci - Drums and Percussion

1. Teach Me Tonight
2. At Home
3. Young and Foolish
4. Too Close for Comfort
5. What Are You Doing for the Rest of Your Life
6. September in the Rain
7. Ode to Life
8. A Time for Love
9. If I Were a Bell
10. While We're Young
11. You Took Advantage of Me
12. Lost in the Stars
13. Brown Skin Girl

The Spinner

1. The Spinner
2. Elephant Walk
3. I'll Always Be Loving You
4. J Bop
5. The L Bell
6. Time Again
7. Credit Line
8. Getting Back To It
9. Mixed Up
10. 4 Jmj

Original Compositions

Batterie Diabolique - Percussion Ensemble (7-9 players)
Black Elk - Percussion Ensemble (11 players)
Zoroastrian Thunder - Jazz Quintet with Percussion Ensemble (6 players)
Jazz Bis - Vibraphone Feature with Percussion Ensemble (6 players)
On Verchiel's Wings - Vibraphone with Percussion Trio

Double East - Two-Mallet Marimba Solo
Five Easy Two Mallet Pieces for Marimba - Marimba Solo
Spiral Passages - Marimba Solo
Imageries - Solo Vibraphone
Five Pieces for Vibraphone - Solo Vibraphone
Riversong - Solo Vibraphone
Riversong - Solo Piano Version

Elephant Walk - Vibraphone and Marimba Duet
Four Flights - Flute and Percussion Duet
Five Pieces for Timpani - Timpani Solo

Stories- Baritone Voice, Piano, and Percussion Quartet.